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Here's something i put together recently. I don't claim to be a great poetry writer, but it's inspiration comes from a few recent suicides of people i know.

Cleanse me of the poisoned crimson sewers
To free the tormentors burrowed within
Exhaust one of all
And leave but a vessel
That carries only memories of the agonies endured
The hell imposed by all that is living
Extinguished by a selfishly satisfying deed
Drown the fires with the ruby rivers of life
And leave peaceful canyons arid of evil
That once haunted the canals
A cold desert is born within
Annulled of suffering
Void of pain
Vacated of life
Reality now parched of existence
Nothing more than a pallid casing
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I don't know about you, but I deadlift because I strive to be the first human tree stump pulling machine

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the song serial cocksucker changed my life

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Are you going to snort cheap pharmaceutical drugs with your lizard as well?
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