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Originally Posted by Jari
Well to defend myself, I can confidently say that no one has ever made this kind of record with the hard/software I have available. (Or even with the best studios and equipment out there I might boldly add). And Im just nobody from Konala making this album in a bedroom wannabe studio.
If we would had Axl Roses budjet from the beginning, we would most likely already be finishing the next album (technology DOES help!). So if you want to see your fave bands flourish, always vote with your wallets. Infact do that with everything else in your life. For example, I dont vote for shitty things like McDonalds anymore (well maybe sometimes, once a year perhaps).

The problems weve had have been unbelievable and the whole thing got delayed a lot which has led to other problems, like tons of stress and tension, which have led to loss of inspiration. Ive had some serious "writers blocks" recently. This is the first time in my life actually when Ive had them, that has scared me a littlebit. So you see all this "snowball effect" happening and it just has gotten harder towards the end.

So I have now started to take some "protective measures". To just harshly and arrogantly say it: Ill try "not give a fuck" about deadlines or peoples opinions/demands and just work with my own speed and rhythm. The album will be done, when its done. I feel this is the only way and the fastest way to get through this.

I also cancelled our 3 shows in May, I was thinking about them everyday and they were really distracting me. To me live and studio is totally two different mindsets and I cant just jump between them like a robot.
I take full responsibility of this. Im sorry for if someone already bought a ticket to those shows, but my main priority is now to finish this album and those shows would have again delayed the release a lot.
Also we wouldnt have been ready to play any new songs. I must first finish the mixing of the whole album and then I need to mix the backing tracks and arrange the live guitar lines with Teemu and then we all need to practise the songs together of course. And we need to upgrade our livegear as well, its been very humble all these years. So lot to do, before we can play these "monsters" live.

The mistake that I made, was to dive carelessly and too quickly without careful planning into this huge project and announce the world that "Wintersun is working on a new album". Next time Ill announce a new album, will be after I have mixed it. Razz

There will be fast stuff, but those who are wishing something like the first album, will probably be disappointed. This is a different kind of album. More deep feelings, nature, universe, love, time, death. The sound will be fatter and heavier (also beautiful and traditional), maybe because the orchestrations and low tunings (D, dropC and one one song drop Bb) and slower tempos, but there will be fast stuff too, I love fast stuff, but this just turned out to be more slow.
First album was maybe 60% fast, 40% slow. This one probably 60% slow 40% fast, but also remember that this is 25 minutes longer album than the first.

Hopefully this babble made some sense about the whole situation and cools down some hot feelings over here. Now I gotta get back to it...
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