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It actually is a mode of E. E Phrygian (key of C) to be exact. None of those chords are minor chords? If not, then you'll feel some tension or dissonance as you play over Emaj (not in E Phrygian). The rest of the chords are fine. Your best sound will come from following the chord. So if your first chord is Emaj, then play a mode of Emaj like... E Ionian or E Lydian over it, then when you move to Fmaj, play F Ionian, or F Mixolydian. Obviously, this will not strictly adhere to C maj, because in Cmaj, E and D are minor chords built on those degrees. So if your chord progression doesn't follow the the key's scale degree, then follow the chord. maj -> Ionian, Lydian, Mixolydian; min -> Dorian, Phrygian, Aeolian (Locrian works well too because it has a b3rd).

Theoretically, if this was the key of C, your progression would look something like this...

Em - F
Em - Dm
Em - F

Then naturally you could wank all through the notes of C major and it will sound good, but since your chords don't strictly follow the properties of each scale degree, follow the chord for the best leads.
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