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What scale/key am I playing in?

So I'm writing my first song(I've wrote hundreds of riffs, but for some reason never really tried to write songs) and I've got the rhythm parts pretty much down and want to add a lead part, but I'm not really sure what scale to use. I know the basics of theory, but not much more. The progression is:

Intro - F-G-E
Verse - E-D
CH - E-F

It's really simple, and just kind of a slower, sludgy, heavy thing, but I want to put some interesting lead on it(more of noise/FX track than shredding solo). My problem is the only key that includes all these notes is C, and I'm certain thats not the case. I figure it's some mode of E, since it all revolves around that chord, but I'm not really familiar with modes beyond the basic concept of them. Oh, and it's all just power chords.
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