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Originally Posted by captkickass
Hey im new here. Been playing guitar for a while. All i ever did for 10+ years is play metallica and slayer riffs etc. I have also put the guitar down for years at a times.

Any ways ive decided a couple months ago that i want to shred/solo(cause i can play) So as of lately ive been doing nothing but playing eminor pentatonic all over the fret board(to the point where i can play it with my eyes closed) and writing my own melodic riffs to this scale.

I am wondering where to move to next. Modes? Other scales? Minor pentatonic in other keys? I was hoping to get suggestions where to move onto next that would benefit my shred/soloing techniques.

Ive been reading this forum for i bit more than a month now, especially the scales sweeps page. Before deciding to post.

Hope this isnt a repetitive post. Just looking for people who could shred to point me in the right direction

I got stuck in that same pentatonic rut also. What i did was i learnt the minor scale and major scale of the key i was playing the pentatonic scale in then added runs from these scales.

For example i learnt A minor pentatonic, added notes from the A minor scale (you should look up a few lessons on minor scale licks) then did the same with the C major scale. Because C major has the same notes as A minor. (C maj is the realative major to A minor).

What REALLY helped me expand this was learning what chords belonged to this key. Because when you know what chords are in that key, you can learn which arpeggios will work well with that key.

For example: - the chords of C major are...

C major - D minor - E minor - F major - G7 - A minor - B diminished.

Now with this information you can sweep using these arpeggios and knowing where the different varations of these are on the fretboard, you can sweep up and down the neck and still be in key.

Also adding notes from the Harmonic minor of that scale will greatly improve your shredding ideas also, so if its A minor your playing in, learn the A harmonic minor, if its E minor your playing in, learn E harmonic minor.

Hope this helps
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