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Originally Posted by Slash181
People say let the air go into ur stomach and use that not ur diaphragm, some people say use ur diaphragm not ur chest, others say imagine the sound coming from ur larynx (just under adams apple) and im

Assuming that people are discussing the same style of screaming, things probably aren't necessarily as contradictory as they might seem, it's just that people explain the same basic ideas in such different ways.

Take the above quote for example. You need to be breathing from the diaphragm no matter what. Properly breathing with the diaphragm means that the abdomen will expand during inhalation rather than the chest, and the abdomen will generally be the area you should push from when projecting your vocals. Breathing and projecting from the chest area will put a LOT more stress on the voice, will generate less power and sustain, and is in general one of the single worst things you can do with just about any kind of vocals.

While the power comes from the diaphragm, the sound itself will originate in either the vocal cords or the false vocal cords, which are both housed in the larynx.

Also, and this is just my opinion, it sounds like might be considering advice from too many different types of sources. For instance, the technique that Melissa Cross mainly focuses on with things like the pencil exercise is fry, which does have its place but is completely worthless for the kind of sound you want to achieve. As such, information regarding the technique shouldn't even be taken into account. If you make it a point to only focus on advice regarding the specific style you want to learn, you might not come across as much confilicting information.
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