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I'm really not familiar with Garageband but I'm sure you can check online to see if DFH is compatible with GB. If it works, there isn't really any tips on how to program drums well, its all a matter of understanding how drumming works and what sounds best.

Yes, there are various devices that will let you 'plug n' play'. The V-Amp Pro is a good, cheap option and it sounds pretty fucking good. Here's a thread of some dude using it to plug his guitar straight into his computer and getting some very good results, especially for the price. Now, vocals may be whole other story. It might be possible to sing through the V-Amp Pro but it also might sound like complete shit and I'm not sure about recording vocals other than through a decent mic and an interface (i.e. a Firepod).

However, if you're serious about recording it wouldn't be a bad idea to save up some cash and buy some decent mics and an interface.
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