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Originally Posted by Arsis
Is that a Maxon OD808 pedal i see? can u explain to me the benefit of having that in your setup? i hear the word "boost" a lot but i don't quite understand.

yes it is.

Im guna try to keep this short... but its tough for me hahaha.
K, for me, my amp is a very dark, almost muddy amp. I was using cheap hotpafs into it, so it didnt get alot of gain up front. So the result is i had a very flubby low end, not enough gain, and well, it was muddy. With the overdrive, i could make my signal hotter - thus getting me heavier distortion. It also cuts out a little bit of bass which overall tightens it up and removes mud. It does this in such a way that the amp's controls could not.

so essentially - made my tone clearer, tighter, and gave me more gain.
Its fantastic. It seriously made my amp sound head and shoulders better.
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