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The Dying Embers of Dreams (Lyrics and Music)

My 2nd set of lyrics for my project Macrocosmia

Song can be heard at

The Dying Embers of Dreams

Blazoned in my distant dream, desires erstwhile chained
Endless stretches of imagination unrestrained
My nocturnal prophecies still linger as I wake
Vibrant lasting memories leave ashes where they blazed

Empyrean view
Immaterial worlds
Figments of my mind
Psychic illusions
No way to control
Enigmatic sights
Burned in my mind's eye

Mysterious reveries unfold as they beguile
Strange and secret journeys from the basis of my mind
From endless torture in hauntings from savage ordeals
To flying revelations of pure serenity

I am fated to return to these bewildering scenes
And wander into realms unknown when again I dream
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