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Thanks for the input, Valtiel.

First of all, I have to say again that to me, the eq curves for each speaker type on the Celestion website seem to be very similar to each other hehe. But I'm sure there is an audible difference between them. I can't wait to go and try them.

I read elsewhere that the guitar is a mid-range instrument, but to me, the scooped mids tone (ala' Dimebag and the typical Heavy Metal sound) goes well with guitars. I don't know. At least for rhythm, I'd say.

So, if Vintage 30s are mid-rangey speakers and G12T-75's are fairly mid scooped, perhaps they would mix well together, as you said. That's what I was thinking. One would get a sort of balanced sound that way. A versatile sound for both the 'scooped mids' tone and a more Rock-oriented tone, solos, and what not.

Thanks again.
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