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fuck! :@

hey after reading all the pages and watchin the cross dvd and listening to screamers.....everyone is contradicting everyone else. so this came to a conclusion in my head - everybodys throats are different, different techniques work for some but not for others, everyone can scream just different pitches n tones.
but ..... im in a band that wants me to scream, now im aiming for more of a corey scream (the knot) i used to have it when i was sitting down in front of my moniter screamin hell into it doin tracks like the rich man - roadrunner united. and over the last year ive lost or cant remember what i did. im not sure if i just drank lots of room temp coke, cuz when i drink water my throat doesnt feel coated or hydrated at all. so quite recently ive been practicing and its there sometimes but its not there otheres so this is where i go onto breathing and throat positions.....
people say let the air go into ur stomach and use that not ur diaphragm, some people say use ur diaphragm not ur chest, others say imagine the sound coming from ur larynx (just under adams apple) and im
maybe people could put alot of stuff right if we could kill cross cuz shes just a waste of time with the pencil idea, and find some proper people worth fuckin talkin to :@ i just wanna scream again
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