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Originally Posted by Nemesis9
I got some other instructional stuff on shredding which I could upload. PM me if interested.

What format? Videos? Is it copyright material?

captkickass: Dorian and Phrygian (and the rest of the modes) are not part of the Pentatonic scale (5 note scale), they are part of the Major scale (7 note scale) and the modes only sound good over their relative type of chord (major, minor, etc). You don't wanna shred B Phrygian over a E minor progression, it will sound like shit with emphasis on the root. You'll end up finding that the notes that do work well are E minor based modes (E Dorian, E Phrygian, E Aeolian <-- which are the same notes as B Phrygian only starting on E), even though B Phrygian is a mode of E minor (Aeolian here). Clear as mud?
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