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Originally Posted by Carbonized
What kind of speakers do you recommend? From what I gather, basically the most common speakers used in cabinets, at least those used by Rock and Metal bands seem to be Vintage 30s, G12T-75ís and G12K-100's. I'm aiming to try out cabs of each of these three types.

Thing is that when I look at the eq curves on the Celestion site, they all look kind of the same to me.

Anyway... as for the "grainy" treble sound, I'll definitely take your advice and roll off some of the Presence. I should be going back to the store to try the amp once more before I buy it.

Vintage 30's are definitely the standard. Guitar is a midrange centered instrument afterall, take away the midrange and you take away the guitar. The G12T-75's are fairly mid scooped, I dont like them much on their own, but they mix well with Vintage 30's. I dont have any experience with the K100's although I know a guy who really likes them for heavier stuff.

I prefer Celestion Greenbacks myself, although I use mostly Marshall-esque amps. Greenbacks are very "woody" sounding with a nice fat lower midrange, although they arent particularly great for downtuning as their bass response is pretty loose. You really cant go wrong with Vintage 30's IMO, although if you want the best Vintage 30 out there, grab a Hellatone 60L from Avatar Speakers.
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buy a stick of graphite (art stores) and rub it into your nut
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