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where to move from pentatonics. modes other scales?

Hey im new here. Been playing guitar for a while. All i ever did for 10+ years is play metallica and slayer riffs etc. I have also put the guitar down for years at a times.

Any ways ive decided a couple months ago that i want to shred/solo(cause i can play) So as of lately ive been doing nothing but playing eminor pentatonic all over the fret board(to the point where i can play it with my eyes closed) and writing my own melodic riffs to this scale.

I am wondering where to move to next. Modes? Other scales? Minor pentatonic in other keys? I was hoping to get suggestions where to move onto next that would benefit my shred/soloing techniques.

Ive been reading this forum for i bit more than a month now, especially the scales sweeps page. Before deciding to post.

Hope this isnt a repetitive post. Just looking for people who could shred to point me in the right direction
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