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Originally Posted by silvercymbal
Thanks, guys.
I'll take your advice for sticks and as soon as I have money, I'll replace my cymbals. Just one question: How the fuck did you only break 2 pairs in 10 years??? Is that even possible??!?!?!!?!??!?!!

Well for one, I don't really break sticks on the spot. Eventually the tip and taper wears away or becomes too dented and maybe cracks. Chances are you are using shitty sticks bought in bulk and hitting too hard and hitting the rims too much.

I'm not saying to buy cymbals just for the feel, but how a cymbal plays is almost as important as the sound, for example if you play with a lot of fast blast beats you don't want to waste energy hitting harder on a thicker cymbal to get a "full" sound out of it.

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