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Don't bother trying to save Pulse cymbals... The only purpose Pulse cymbals have are to give you something to bang on until you have the money to get rid of them completely. They are made in very shitty quality and they are almost made to break on you. You really need to replace your cymbals even if it's with something cheap. All cymbal companies have cheaper low end series that sound decent.

Breaking sticks isn't all about how hard you play with your sticks, it's about where you strike your cymbals. Correcting this will also improve the life your cymbals give. You have to strike cymbals with the shaft of the stick(or the tip) at a downward motion. It's also important to glance "off" of the cymbal, do not play "into" the cymbals. In other words, hit a cymbal like you're trying to get its natural sound out of it, not like you're beating the sound out of it. Watch some videos of your favorite drummers and observe how they hit their cymbals. They're going to have the technique down well because no drummer wants to be breaking cymbals and sticks while on tour especially.

Breaking a pair of sticks after one day just means there was a manufacturing problem, or just bad wood. Shitty pairs of sticks happen! Before every pair of sticks you buy, examine the wood grains and make sure there's no knots or uneven lines in the wood. Also, test them out and make sure they feel right, even if you hit them on the floor a few times. Out of almost 10+years playing drums, I've only cracked one cymbal and i've broken maybe 2 pairs of sticks. Some of that may be luck, but you will definitely see better results if you change up your playing. Remember to play off of your cymbals, not into them.

I also completely forgot to add, don't over-tighten your cymbals on the stands! If you have them on there tight, the vibrations will be choked and you'll be stressing the metal. They sound way better if they can move about freely anyways.

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