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Hey, the_bleeding!

How are you doing?

I went to try out a Peavey the other day. I was aiming for a 6505+ but the guy in the store had a 6505 combo and he said it should give me an idea of how the 6505+ sounds like.
So anyway, I found it o.k., although the treble was a bit gritty/grainy whatever. I'm sure you know what I mean. I may have to go an other time and try it out again.
I also went to an other store and saw some ENGLs. They look very prestigious. Very well made and stuff. I remembered your advice about checking out the ENGLs before I get a Peavey and I'll certainly do that.
I hope the ENGLs have a smooth treble.

One more thing... when getting a cab for the amp, will cabs of different brands but having the same kinds of speakers sound different? Say a Randall cab with Vintage 30s compared to an ENGL cab with Vintage 30s? I wouldn't imagine there'd be any difference or noticeable difference but I thought I'd ask 'cause it's better to be sure. Thanks.
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