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Yea I know, it's a bitch to begin with, and I had a teacher that stood in front of me every week telling me what I was doing wrong.
When I get a new song I sit down with the text and, if available, sheets and do a little mark everywhere there is a suitable pause for breathing. Then I sing to every such point, stop, place a hand on the pyramidalis and really exagerate when relaxing it, letting everything sag from jaws to knees. This is partially to find the absolute bottom of my lungs, making sure that I don't drag in air but instead let it in, and in the end to make it an automatic routine. It's often an assload of work, a single A4 normal printed sheet music can take hours. But it's extremely useful, not least if you're in a choir - it's a lot easier to just sneak in an extra breath here and there, since you don't make any sound and it goes so fast. Same goes for solo stuff really.

Then of course there's a lot more like tonal placement, how to shape vocals and using consonants and other stuff, but I don't know how useful any of that is in growling.
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