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Honestly I do not know. But after all, I didn't write weiner waltz anywhere.
WIEner waltz on the other hand is a type of waltz generally associated with Habsburger-era Vienna.

It's a double reference - partly directly to a clock, in the sense that it always goes around in the same loop and every now and then any progress made is reset and nullified.
The poet in particular, irritatingly enough I can't recall his name, but let's call him Jim:
When Karl XII (the guy who among other things whopped some serious ass at Poltava) of Sweden died he was suceeded by Fredrik I. And say what you like about Fredrik, but he wasn't of the line of kings who had led Sweden when it became one of the largest and most powerful nations in Europe and many mark the end of that era with him. Not least Jim, who sardonically noted that "So now it was, that a heritage turned from twelve to one."
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