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Missing my Baby

Around holiday season last year I became disinterested in bass and even early than that to be honest. I had no one to play with, my skills were rapidly decreasing due to lack of practice and my rig just plain sucked. Being a whinny little teenager my first response is to quit and sell my bass and amp for a stupidly low amount for stuff I don't want to publicly announce.

But the seasons have returned and with it my will to play bass again thanks to Opeth's Advent. I was on my first listen to Moringrise for the first time in over six months and Advent approached; the first Opeth song I learned on bass giving me strong urges to play again.

So guys, cherish you instruments and gear. For most of you playing music was probably your passion , and playing goes unparallel against enjoyment from other things. I condoned my passion and abdicated my instruments; however, there is new hope. With Christmas coming and me being lucky enough to receive towering amounts of gifts(not really) I could possibly be able to obtain an used bass from a pawnshop.

Yes, this thread is trivial but I just wanted to remind everyone to keep their instruments closer than their family...joking...and hope no one makes the zealous mistakes I did.
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