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I never used Major Scales either until I bought a guitar theory lesson course from Desi Serna. One of the things in his course is major scales. He gives a lot of examples with tab and little videos. Here is his youtube link but the major scale material is not up there yet. I think he intends to add it.

I bought his book and dvd's and it really helped me with theory as it applies to the guitar. Especially the modes. All modes are just major scales. Learn the major scale patterns up and down the fretboard and you know all the modes. Of course then you need to learn where and how to apply. I suggest you get all of Desi's free stuff that he has and also listen to to pod casts and see what you think. It helped me a lot. Here are some major scale examples from songs I can think of...

Down On The Corner - CCR
Crazy Train - Ozzie
Wild World - Cat Stevens
La Bamba - Los Lobos and a million more.

But like I said, Desi offers a ton of free stuff. Check it out and see what you think. I really liked the pod casts. He does have a free pod cast on major scales.
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