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Lots of bands use a myriad of effects with their vocals. And again, many dont.

Do you have a guitar amp? do you have a mic? can you plug said mic into said guitar amp?
Maybe throw some pedals in between, bass overdrives jsut add a bit of grit, while retaining the low end. Regular overdrives work as well, but will take out some low end. You can also use distortion pedals, but they will change your vocals more than any overdrive, more or less changing your voice into something completely different, instead of just adding grit to your voice.

Another fun tool to use is an octaver. you can get soem evil sounding effects if you run your vocal track with a regular track, and a slightly quieter track one or two octaves down. Behemoth used this on Demigod.

Satyr from Satyricon uses a pretty epic midi controller for his vocals. I've seen them in concert a few times, and he had a bigger midi controller than both of the guitarists combined. He used it for distortion, chorus, some eq effects, echos, and stereo echos where it sounded like his voice was circling the venue. It was awesome.
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