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How do I get started?

1. Install .NET Framework 3.5
2. Create an account
3. If using FireFox, Install the FFClickOnce plugin
4. Launch the 2DF FreePlay Client

Which of these steps are you being troubled with?

On step one I just clicked the link and was linked to the Microsoft website, was prompted to a download and began to down and to installing it.

Skipping step three since I don't use FF for 2DF.

Step four, I just clicked the link and ran the APPLICATION FILE. It worked fine with IE but I was having problems with Google Chrome and FF since I didn't get the plug-in. Like the small text on the site said; when using IE don't DL the file just run it.

Be sure to add this to your rom file directory in order to play a majority of the games.

And if you don't already have all the roms here you go.
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