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You can connect to other players through a more tedious and a more tech-savvy exclusive method with roms, however; with the use of 2DF you can connect to any game without having to obtain your partners IP, be it a random opponent or expected friend.

From my few plays I have inferred the following: few players use keyboard and mouse(joysticks and fan-created pads are commonly used, lag is at a minimal and cheating is very uncommon. Being without a joystick pad could damage you but with $50 you can obtain a Xbox 360/PS3 pad and hook it up to your PC. There is also completely customizable pads available for $120+ at arcade in a box. I'm sure you guys would throw down at least $50 for nostalgia and countless hours of lag-free, oldschool game play. I'll be ordering this badboy on Friday.

Anyone interested in some Metal Slug runs? My aim:xxxrequiemixxx and msn:

Hope to see ya on the screen.
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