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But having said that and reading the rest of the post... the last few sentences are very true...

small stuff like picks dont matter, it's what you're comfortable with.

however, "pro" artists don't sign thier life away for "pennies to the dollar" on gear endorsements... They get paid absolute SHITloads to play brand X... Most Dean guitars for instance are shit unless they are U.S. made, in which case they are upwards of $7000 Aus - not worth it, but you see all kinds of "big" names using them. A brand will go to player x when their band gets recognised and throws money at them and gives them a few guitars... then they get bigger and another brand comes along and says "here, have twice what thier paying you and play this guitar instead" - Hell, I'd play a fucking James Burton Signature Tele if fender paid me enough, I'd put a humbucker in it of course... but thats a given. It's all corporate whore-ing.

*sighs* that's better, I've had my rant...
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