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Lyrics and song.

I'm not sure where to post this because I would like critiques on both lyrics and song if possible. So here is a Myspace link to the full recording and the lyrics are below.

Thanks to any who listen!

Macrocosmia - Amidst the Constellations

I begin to meditate,
Sleeping in a lucid state.
Strobing colours come to me,
Ethereal scenery.

Leave this body float away,
Floating on the astral plane.
Seas and oceans under me,
Wander in my psychic dreams.

Life is pouring down my spine.
Opalescent paradise.
Journey to the realm ahead.
Stretching out my silver thread.

Drift in unfamiliar times,
Blazing lights that blind my eyes.
Stars and spheres round me dance,
In this monolith expanse.

I rage on a violent breeze,
Over mounds and through the trees.
My phantasmal gallery...

I exalt to the amethyst skies and head towards the moon.
Incandescent arctic clouds dissolve as I pass through.
Screaming higher I go on to reach the pale abyss.
Under constellations I achieve unearthly bliss.

Kaleidoscopic stars glare on,
A million scorching radiant suns.
Music of the spheres wail,
Freezing in this cosmic gale.

Life is pouring down my spine.
Opalescent paradise.
Outer body ecstasy,
Chimeric tranquility.
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