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After all, the aim is to have it in your hands, not a particular instrument.

Originally Posted by skate_of_mind
OK I've changed my mind again due to cash-flow and found this instead:
If he wants to get a better one in a year or so, he will! I'm just kick-starting him, lol.

I was gonna get a micro-cube amp - will that do for just kicking about the house?

Haha Soul - I hate buying presents that don't mean anything to the recipient and I'm not gonna get the 59.99 guitar 'starter pack' from Asda! I'll look ya up if anything happens to him - but not if it's 'suspicious circumstances'

Good call - I've yet to find one of those nicely packaged "starter packs" that's worth shit.

Yes, that also looks like a prize-worthy starting setup. Mind you, I'm a bit biased as I'm an ESP fanatic, and the LTD's are generally pretty good too.
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