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I see. I also came across conflicting info regarding whether or not to overdrive the power amp section of the amplifier. I guess it's a matter of taste. Some say that preamp-only tube saturation sounds like any transistor distortion pedal and power amp distortion gives you a superior kind of distortion.
Others say that with high-gain sounds, it's stupid to overdrive the power amp section 'cause it gives out a loose sound with loss of bass frequencies and what not.

As a general 'rule', it's commonly agreed upon that tube amps sound better when cranked.

Maybe misunderstandings rise because of a person's negative experiences due to lack of knowledge, bad equipment, etc. I hope I'm making myself clear enough here.

Anyway... I found some interesting info about "British tone" and "American tone". Here it is:


"The EL34 is found in many British guitar amps and is associated with the "British Tone" (Marshall) as compared to the 6L6 which is generally associated with the "American Tone" (Fender)."

Now... on searching for what kind of sound these two terms refer to, I came across this...


"Smoldering American tone.
The Eminence Patriot Texas Heat 12" Guitar Speaker helps you add a little Texas hot sauce to your American rock, blues, and Southern rock sound. Fat tone with a little top end bite and clarity."

"Classic British tone.
The ultimate expression of that '60s/'70s British sound. Thick, raunchy tone with lots of mids."

These are speaker descriptions, not tubes of course. but from other info that I have come across so far, it seems that the "British tone" means a mid-boost.

So, I think I'll go for the Peavey 6505+. It's a high-gain amp, and I think it'll give me the sound I'm looking for. I'll go and try it out first, of course. Besides, the owner of the store said he would make a part exchange for my Marshall combo, so it's cool.

Thanks again, disinformation! I hope you didn't give me a load of disinformation haha
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