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Essentially, it would go (in a sence of going from HIGHS - MIDS - LOWS) 6505, marshall, mesa... so either/or would give you that, but the 6505 has more of a "high end" screech, where as the mesa focuses more on the bottom end. any of them can be dialed I've found, essentially it's a matter of having enough time to play with the amps and mess with the settings till you get the sound you want.

I play A Marshall TSL which I love, but I've had it for 4 years and my sound has "worn into it". I tend to find the mid switch, turn it off, then bring the mids up to about 1 o'clock to compensate and this is a pretty good tone for my style of metal (tech/prog meets a little bit of grind, thrash, doom, metal-core, and a few other things).

just try and spend time with an amp to see what it will sound like after a bit of tweaking and warming up. I've found that the search for "perfect tone" just end's in dissapointment when people say "I want the sound that x guitarist from band y has", but they dont seem to realise that most of those guys' tone is shaped after the amp with all sorts of, compression and all sorts of other shit during the mix, also when playing at home with heaps of bottom end sounds great, it sucks when in a band situation because thats what the bass guitar is for.

Not to say "dont scoop your mids your, an idiot " but, a guitar IS mids... and when you come to use the amp live or recorded, it wont come through in the mix, especially if you have another guitarist in the band.

Going back to the age old addage - Just try them all out and spend as much time with them, when you find something that sounds good to your ear, go with it, it will "warm in" to your sound over time and will just sound better as it gets a little played in.

good luck with it
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