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Originally Posted by zhaDe
Ive been practicing growls/gutturals for some time now and id like to know if it is normal to feel some pain (same kind of pain as if u were running all day and wake up the next day with painful legs) in the muscles situated on the front sides of the neck just above the body, I guess its the muscles i use to open my throat
is it gonna get stronger and not hurt with practice or is it gonna damage my throat ?

That used to happen to me too. The problem subsided over time. I don't think a bit of soreness in the neck muscles is something to be too worried about. The real danger to the voice is when the inside of the throat or the vocal cords themselves start to hurt. Don't over exert yourself, be sure to give your muscles enough chance to rest and recover in between sessions, and eventually they should strengthen and stop getting sore. Just like exercising any other muscle.
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