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Originally Posted by CalledToArms
I could be wrong, but to me that doesnt follow the Hungarian minor scale I know at all.

Looking at the tab you presented gives us the notes:

D# E G G# A C C# which follows a 1-2b-3-4-b5-6-b7 pattern from start to finish

The hungarian minor scale is 1-2-3b-4#-5-b6-7 as far as I know. Now, note that what davie and I are calling the hungarian minor is the exact same, I am not arguing that.

What I am saying is that the hungarian minor does not match up with the notes in the tab you listed for us. Instead, I recognized this as one of the 2 popular forms of the Oriental scale. correct me someone if I am wrong though.

That's because it's not D# Hungarian minor, it's actually based out of C# Hungarian minor. This passage is just starting on the next scale degree D#, which you are correct makes out the Oriental Scale. So in essence, the Oriental Scale is the 7th mode of the relative major scale to the Hungarian minor scale (or 2nd mode of the Hungarian minor, however you wanna look at it), which, the closest scale I could find would be the Hungarian major scale with a b6th and b7th scale degree. Odd...
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