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Originally Posted by Unanything
Man. I didn't realise serialism was THAT mathematical. That's like linear algebra with a couple of group theoretic terms there!

Other than that, sorry.

Yeah dude, every single facet of integral/total serialism is controlled mathematically, even something as small as timbre, like the vibrato on a stringed instrument. It sounds horrible in my opinion, but I want to know how to do it, maybe I can pull off an acoustic guitar fugue in total serialism that sounds decent, people wouldn't know what to think.

I can't find any in depth information only a syllabus.

It begins talking about my confusion after [22] where it begins:

Form: ABA'
Length: 30 seconds to one minute
Directions: The A and A' sections use this contour 21043. The B section uses its inversion, 23401
Contour can represent anything - notes, motives, phrases, durations, dynamics, register, etc.

Inversion makes sense. Where they pulled 21043 out their ass doesn't.
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