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Schecter C-7 Blackjack ATX


I was wondering if anybody here has had any experience with one of these guitars.
I recently purchased the aged white model with the blackout pick ups.
I have noticed the high strings are really quiet high on the neck when using distortion, especially past the 12th fret. The low strings are fine but as you go higher it's like the volume knob has been turned down. Tapping sounds quite bad. I have currently only tried it through a line 6 toneport and will not get to try it through my amp until the weekend.
The other 2 guitars I have are LTD MH1000 deluxe's. One with emg's and the other with seymour/duncan passives and these are both fine through a toneport.
The guitar seems well set-up and all strings sound fine unplugged.
Anyone have any idea's what it could be.

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