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Originally Posted by Chris Rezendes
Powertab is pretty much the same thing as GuitarPro, but stripped down and with fewer options, much simpler and much more user friendly. Like GuitarPro you can import MIDI and export MIDI and ASCII, and you can also, of course, export powertab files. There are only two scores; one designated for guitar and the other for bass. It's a small program and you should get it if only for the popularity of it's files on the internet (there are about as many metal .ptb files as there are .gpx.

I'm pretty sure powertab is older than GP, but it wasn't the first. I remember there used to a be a program called Bucket O'Tab that I never actually tried out and then Randy Tab came out and I used that for a while. There's also a program out there called Tabledit that I believe does the same thing as Randy Tab/Powertab/GP, though I haven't tried it myself.

All the other programs are freeware, whereas GP provides the pain in the ass of having to find a crack just to use it for more than like two days (not that I would!).

EDIT: I forgot to mention that GP can import powertab files, but doesn't always do it smoothly (especially when there's a bass score involved).

Hmm maybe I'll get it, but it might prove useless since I'm mostly a drummer.

Anyways when I DL'ed my GP it came with a crack and was very painless.
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