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I dig it.

If its alright with you, I'd like to drop the tunning down to D and add some more flare to the acoustic guitar part (not sure what I'd do yet). I could easily add a lead and the bass. Drums would be pretty straight forward, something very tight with the patterns complementing the speedy riffs. I've also got some cool ideas on riff variations and what not.

As for the vocals, I'm a pretty decent singer and scream/schreecher but my growls aren't anything special. I don't think I have anything online and I'm too lazy to upload anything so here is a link to that quick song I made making fun of that 'iwrestledabearonce' band which should give you a basic idea of how the quality would sound (though noticeably better as since I didn't EQ any of the instruments on that and it was all the first or second take) and a sample of what my screams sound like. I have some friends that can growl pretty well, so I could have them come in if need be.

I'm scoring something for a friend, so I figure I'll get started on this as soon as I finish that up which I'll hopefully be done with by Sunday.

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