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Originally posted by Piper5150
hmmmm i had thought i saw floyds on kings v o well
on my strat i have a floyd rose and its a good whammy
but the down side of it is...
if u raise the pitch on a floyd your dangering your guitar bridge it will literally come off i remeber steve vai playing and his floyd came rite off all that was left was the whammy and the strings attached to the locking nut the guitar was on the floor lol

i think a kahllar is suppose to ease the raising of the pitch but thats my gueass why everbody likes em i dunno im sticking to my floyd lol

there is no big problem with get a higher pitch with the floyd...if u push it down a lot your guitar might only be detune....also if your strings break, that depends a lot on your way of pickin or your hands not only the floyd.....//

Man....have you put attention to Steve Vai´s guitar??? his guitar has a huge hole for the floyd....but I mean HUGE...not as the common floyd that we, u can pull the floyd more than normally u can on a common guitar....thats why his bridge went off from the guitar.....well I just wanna tell than u can use your floyd rose with all the confiance u want....well....if u have an Ibanez Jem...thats another story....//
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