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Okay, her 12th bday passed this last August, and I dumped $300 (prolly make a new thread in a different section on this) on Guitar Center online getting her a 3/4 scale stratocaster, cord, tuner, stand, strap, and a 15W Crate with an overdrive channel. I also gave her some picks, a beginner's book I rarely have the opportunity to use (for chord diagrams and patterns to practice, which I never use), and a couple printed tab sheets that I wrong some riffs for for to play, Iron Man, Sunshine of Your Love, and Smoke on the Water, the last two that she is primarily working on.

Problem is, she's 12, and she don't practice every fucking day like I try to brainwash her too. I would asks the psychologists on this forum for advice on developing a child's behavior to listen to an instructor better, but I'de prolly get flamed. Anyways, that's whats going on. She left her amp here but recently I been letting her play on mine.
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