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Instead of being a completely rancid pile of shit, it's transparently Metallica. They have a few of the structural elements back. It's also bad, lazy music. That's all the time we need to spend on it.

This is something I've been saying for years - stop caring about this ridiculous trainwreck. We live in a marvellous world full of new, exciting music. New bands spring up every day, new releases that would cut your head in two are being pressed in studios (and loungerooms, and basements). Example - I just got the latest Sea of Nectar release. Think early Opeth garnished with bits of doom metal, Green Carnation, Rush and King Crimson. A little derivative, maybe. But it's a little derivative for interesting, modern, progressive metal - play this for the uninitiated and they'd explode. And that's just what I have to hand... how many fascinating new bands have you heard in the last six months? Where is music going?

Fuck Metallica. Metal is alive and well, so why are we poisoning it talking about these groaning, ancient turds in the artistic waterpipe?

One last thing - saw video clip for Day That Never Comes. Didn't know trite came in that many flavours. Baskin Robbins would be embarrassed.
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