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Your range depends upon what kind of vocal chords your genetics saw fit to equip you with. We are a few freaks around who can go all the way from 2nd bass to 1st tenor, but not without the proper technique and control of the airflow.
Optimal control of the airflow is found by using the pyramidalis, a muscle about ten centimeters below the navel. Once you gain control of it, the "belt muscles" as well as the diaphragm will start working automatically, basically making a bellow out of you.
To avoid damage to your throat you must relaxe it and make sure that you're only using it to make sounds. As soon as your're using your throat for strength - as most people do when screaming - you're hurting it, because everything inside it is weak and fragile. And to relax the throat means opening it: Gently place a finger on your adam's apple and jawn, you'll want it to sink a bit since when it does your throat opens up and relaxes.
As for straigthening the tones, it's a holy trinity of good air flow technique, placement of the tone and practicing scales.
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