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Originally Posted by Death By Monkeys
Rotten Sound is pretty good, old napalm death is alright..

anything like 38 counts of battery though? Something about that album just owns.

Pig Destroyer's old stuff fucking killed. But for some odd reason people still consider them grindcore when all I can think of their stuff is that is kinda sounds metalcore-ish.

Anyone here into Lapidate (Death Metal/Goregrind hybrid band from Canada), Looking For An Answer (Death Metal/Thrash/Grindcore from Spain), and Epicrise (East-European Pornogrind)?

Also, anyone here have DESTROY's Discography album? If so, will anyone be kind enough to let me download it from you. I used to have this cd but that shit was cracked because of my dad's terrorist-ass hating Power Violence and Grind.
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