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Need help understanding range.

I'm fairly new to vocals, and musicianship in general really, and there's something I don't understand about range.

I've read that death growls and black metal type vocals should be delivered using chest voice, and I've also read that chest voice typically only covers about 8-12 notes.

From my personal experiences so far, it seems that the bottom 70% or so of my chest range is what I believe would be considered low to high growls, and that the rest of the range is high enough to be considered black metal vocals.

Suppose someone wanted to use only black metal vocals, or only death growls. Wouldn't the part of their range that is high enough to be considered black metal vocals or the part that is low enough to be considered growls need to cover at least an octave? Or is it normal and acceptable to only have a few notes in a given style of vocals?
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