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Originally Posted by hail killizm
aghh man i slightly don't agree... Its been 5 yrs i been singing brutal death metal and i've noticed that my neck is also getting to grow a little bigger from normal. and his brutal headroll might have created his that neck.. not sure but i gave my understanding..
And i don't find power in chris barnes vocal. Corpse grinder is way more powerful..

I must be the only person that thinks both of CC's vocalists suck balls. Chris barnes was decent, but only because his vocals fit the music at the time. Frank Mullen however was easily the most brutal vocalist of that time. Corpsegrinders vocals are powerful, but have no pronunciation behind them and it just sounds like a wave of sound, no real words. This would work if CC was on the same level of brutality as bands like Disgorge or Abysmal Torment, but even bands like Gorgasm have way more brutal music and still intelligible vocals. In short, neither of Cannibal Corpses vocalists will ever get a reccomendation from me for examples of good vocals. Try some Suffocation, Origin, Severed Savior or Guttural Secrete for awesome vocals.
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