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Smile Legal issues - update II

Just a quick update on the recent changes to the website:
  • We've made at least two iterations of contacting the bands. We have permissions from most bands that replied.
  • I made available the tabs for bands we could not reach. Some of the bands had no contact information whatsoever, some were long since split-up, some did not answer to any of our requests.
  • We are still receiving answers from bands that were already contacted. We will wait a few months and add more tabs from the bands that don't respond.
  • We have received a blessing from Peaceville Records, expect My Dying Bride, Katatonia and other their bands to be available soon.
  • The most frequent rant was that there was no way to tell if the tab is available for download or not until actually downloading it. As we now have quite a few available tabs, I removed the links to all the others. I also added separate lists for the bands that still didn't answer, and the obvious Hall of Shame (clickey!)
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