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Never done

Wow all you fuckin fags do care about a7x because you take time of your life to post about them.
Shitflowsinyourveins: You are a fucking emo bitch, just by reading your username you prove yourself to be a pompous parasite that probably is abondoned by their parents and everything else. You dumb motherfucker because shit defintly flows through your veins.
Suspended by the throat: I hope the great thing that is suspending you by the throat will kill your emo ass soon! All you here takling shit are insignifacant dumb people.

Simple thing to know about: If you dont like them, dont take time of your jackass life to say shit. The bands that you people like are probably not even heard about just to dumb faggots! I also doubt that any of you here can play better than a7x, SO DONT SAY SHIT!

Ill say this before this gets deleted: AVENGED SEVENFOLD IS THE BEST BAND EVER!
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