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An embellishment of pity and disregard for basic problem-solving skills


She seduced me, euphoria
Avoiding the issues, the honesty in self
I'm forced to hide it

I can't show my pain
They can't see me like this

Head spinning, I can't keep track
Emotions coming and going
I can't let go
I can't let go

It feels like I'm a project, a theory
I can't focus, I can't sleep
Who am I now?
(Because I'm lost in myself)

Somebody just resolve me
I don't know how to end this
(except one way)
It gets to be too much
Where am I going?

It's hard to look at myself
-When greedy eyes and ears await my next move
How can I breathe, if someone takes my air?
I'm going into a hole, one foot at a time

There is no love, she does not exist
There is no house, I cannot feel it
There is no home, I don't feel safe anywhere

I can't let go
I can't let go with these eyes, these ears
Don't let them take away what I have left
The jealousy...the arrogance...the apathy

It's not a rendition, or condition
With history it feels like tradition
Outsiders to ensure I never grow

It's getting darker, and I keep thinking...
I'm getting tired and I hear footsteps
Metal is dragging across the grass
Should I lay down?
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