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Revival of old Cryptopsy? I think it's impossible considering the fact that Lord Worm seemed to have lost interest in the death metal scene and John had grown tired of playing extreme music. John (or Jon L, however he spells his name) was an important and vital member of the group since he was able to write most of Once Was Not album and not make it suck... And I'm pretty sure Flo had been urging him to slow down a bit and write something that would appeal to the mainstream when they were brainstorming and composing songs for OWN, but thank god those requests by Flo were taken lightly by Jon.

Anyway, I think Cryptopsy are dead. The thought of them possibly playing deathcore never crossed my mind. I was kind of expecting them to add a bit more black metal influences when I first heard they hired a female pianist/keyboardist. As a result I ended up being very disappointed at the outcome; having pussy-ass clean vocals that were off-pitch, uncreative deathcore "beatdownz," watered down death metal vocals, and fretboard wankery.

The fact that Flo also talked down and insulted his loyal and hopeful fans because they showed disapproval towards the musical direction Cryptopsy took pisses me off. Fuck Flo, all that respect I had for him since the days I was considered the biggest misfit and loser in middle school and high school is gone...

Even my girlfriend, who doesn't listen to death metal agrees that this band should have changed their name since many of the band's fans were expecting the new material to keep its integrity by keeping the trademark elements of their previous albums but still show some sort of progression by adding a new twist thats not so exaggeratively different.
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