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So I just read this thread in its entirety, after having ordered "The Unspoken King" without listening to it before hand. The reason I did this was because I was ordering other cds (got my hands on some disgorge and whatnot) and noticed a new Cryptopsy album so I added it.

Now, one can understand why I did this: with the heading Cryptopsy I naturally assumed it would be... good. So no need to listen to it before hand. This isn't something I normally do, I do enjoy to hear what I'm buying before hand. But come on this is Cryptopsy (I'll be honest and say I didn't really have a problem with "OWN", sure it's no Blasphemy but it's not terrible).

My cds arrived today and upon listening to the unspoken king I have to say I was shocked (especially when I saw a new singer). Clearly I'm not as up-to-date on my metal news as all of you. I'm going to go with what johnmansley has said a post above. Adding to that, there's a song or two on it that I was happy with; a couple nice solos that sounded as they should but overall it didn't have the same feel at all. Clean vocals aren't something I'm vehemently against, but here they don't gel very well when thinking of how the band used to be. It doesn't have the power and ferocity of past albums. I regret purchasing it, but whatever that was my choice. Here's hoping for a revival of the old Cryptopsy.
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