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question about finding the key

Hello there,

first I gotta excuse, my english isn't the best but I hope you're able to understand me and help me with my little problem

I'm looking for a key-finding program, like the "guitar chord finder" ( probably something like this exists, it was pure luck that I even found the chord finder online...

specificly I've written a song, a part is played on Gm - Dis m - Dm - Ais m - Gm and now I'm looking for the note key (hope it's spelled that way?) of this composition.

Also I got a sheet with all keys, showing their scaleown triads (spelling?), though still I wasn't able to define the key.
So I got to the conclusion it could be a modificated scale, but I got no idea how to find this out.

I would be more then greatful if anyone could help me, its pretty urgent!

thanks in advance,

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