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I've now heard The Unspoken King in its entirety and I have to say it's not a terrible album... if you completely disassociate the proper noun "Cryptopsy" from it. I remember stating on these boards that I was quite interested in how the band would develop after Once Was Not, largely on account of that album not being a particularly impressive album in its own right. A little misguided now in hindsight...

If you don't think of the album as a death metal record then you may be able to take a step back and actually gleen some enjoyment from it. I've read somewhere, can't remember if it was here or in a magazine, that the album is more akin to, albeit a more inferior (in my opinion), The Red Chord than prior Cryptopsy output. I have to agree with that statement.

I liken The Unspoken King to McDonald's and KFC: don't get me wrong, I fuckin' love the Colonel's fine array of fried chicken products as much as the next guy, but if I go into a McDonald's I expect to be served a Big Mac when I ask for one.

I will say one thing, though: They've improved in the vocals department, with new guy Matt McGachy easily outstripping Lord Worm's patchy output on Once Was Not. The clean vocals are also a welcome addition, the first instance of which being juxtaposed with some nice dischordance to offset the melodic intent.

I would have prefered this album to have been released under a different moniker so I didn't have to file it alongside And Then You'll Beg, Whisper Supremacy and None So Vile, but there are some highlights on this album - you've just got to not compare this record with the aforementioned genre classics. Still doesn't hide the utter disappointment, though.
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