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are you talking about 'the banality of evil' by hannah arendt? I haven't read it but in philosophy-class our teacher showed quite some footage from his trial and he explained what arendt was talking about, very interesting what people can do whenever there is no rational alternative at hand (except suicide)

i really dig the fact that you took all this trouble for a rebuttal but im not the guy who takes shit seriously. I mean, the fucking holocaust is serious, but the fact whether or not my lyrics are completely factual doesnt really bother me.

with the '40-'45 thing I am referring to the period of activity of the Auschwitz camps, not the nazi-regime in general. This is because I've been there a few years back and it scared the shit out of me. Plus, the logistics of those camps are what made eichmann 'famous'.

The roads and automobiles-line is used because it fits nicely with the last line about 'another form of transportation', with which I obviously am referring to the trains.

thanks again mate.

peace (that could be described as the general message of this lyrics, haha)
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